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Investment Are Safety Moved to Top

Trade on the movement of major stock market indices around the world with razor sharp pricing,

low spreads and fast execution.


What is Indices?

Indices ; are indicators that measure the proportional change of investment instruments traded in the stock market within a certain time period by collecting data such as price, cost, sales and production.

Stock indices on the other hand, are used to measure the price and gaining performances of stocks traded in the stock market. These measurements can be made on both a total and sectoral basis. In this way, it is possible to monitor the economic performance of stocks and sectors.

It enables to measure the price movements of the stocks that will be included in the index under certain conditions, and thus to determine the general trend of the stock market.

What are the Factors Affecting Stock Indices?

tors affecting stock market indices; divided into internal and external factors. Although stock market indices are an indicator for the country's economy, it is also important to know which factors have an effect on stock market indices.

Factors such as the country's economic data, unemployment figures, interest rates, geopolitical position and risks. These factors, which include important data on the country's economy, have a great impact on stock market indices.

External factors creates global data and economic relations between countries. The course of the global markets and the relations between countries within this market are important for the stock market indices of all countries.

Advantages of trading Derivatives on Indices with WAFRA INVESTMENT

Access global indices including USA500 and UK100

Get exposure to an entire sector or economy at once

Competitive spreads and low margin requirements

Spot opportunities on the go with our mobile trading app

Automated trading with the powerful MT5 platform

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