Wafra Investmentfx is an investment firm established to build long-term prosperity for asset owners around the world.  Wafra means “abundance” and for over three decades we have worked patiently and sought to creatively deliver on this promise.
        The experience is long in money management, portfolios, and private wealth through our traditional and non-traditional paths that take maximum safety in avoiding risks.Wafra Investmentfx is not only in the traditional long-term market area, but with its Professional team. While directing you to leveraged transactions in the short term, it also offers one-to-one expert support. This work discipline Wafra Investmentfx has made it the leading fund manager all over the world.

      Wafra investmentfx was established in 2004, but it is expected to develop its partnerships in the Turkish market in 2017. has begun. Not only in capital markets, but also in the field of Real Estate, Real Assest , Consulting Services,Private Equity , 
Renewable Energy,Transportation Consultancy investments.

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Why You Should Work With
Wafra Investmentfx

Your investment is differentiated by Wafra Investmentfx of knowing more about the details and sources of your investments through our various funds

Protecting your money from unexpected market fluctuations is one of our most important strengths in Wafra Investmentfx , so we work to resist these fluctuations and protect our funds from any losses of local and global economic crises.

Your invested money is distributed in Wafra Investmentfx over more than one investment instrument, reducing the potential risks in the financial sector.


Financial Conduct Authority   (FCA)

Wafra Investment  is authorised and regulated by the Finansal Conduct Authority Limited Company